Those familiar with Schrodinger’s theory:

If a cat was to be placed in a back box with a deadly danger, then one would not know if it is alive or dead until one opens the said black box to look; thus, the cat is both dead and alive at the same time 🙂


SPOILERS for those who did not watch the latest SPN episode – “Meta Fiction”

Everyone else, listen:

So as I sat watching “Meta Fiction” and saw – to my great astonishment – someone with a typewriter, typing up a STORY, with several Supernatural books lying all over their table, my first thought was – Chuck? Chuck is back?

In my defense, there was not a body or anything left after Chuck’s disappearance, plus, you know, the notion that he may be a god, so no real evidence to account for his death.

But then…

The camera disclosed the face of the writer and it was – to my great dismay – METATRON!

GAH! I HATE that guy! DESPISE HIM – well as far as he revealed himself in the series…

So my question is this –

   Was Chuck actually Metatron that entire time? But then why would he help the Winchesters? Was it to continue his story and have the angels fall?

That would make sense if one was to assume that Chuck was never a prophet – and I believe he was not, considering his disappearance the last time we saw him – Kevin could not pull off that type of mojo and he was a prophet but anyhow…

If one was to assume that Chuck was a god…

And if one was to assume that Chuck is Metatron…

Then is Metatron a god?

That would make sense considering he delved into the stories written by humans and is a writer himself… And he was “incognito” and pretty much “in hiding” during all the previous seasons when Cass wondered where his god was…


But all of this is just a fan theory, just me acting Sherlocked haha

Let me know what you think 🙂


All the Supernatural fans MUST remember all that commotion surrounding that tractor angel in his motion at the begging of season nine – in fact, it was practically the opening scene! Instead of focusing on our beloved Dean and Sammy Winchester or the blue-eyed Castiel, all eyes of the Supernatural fandom fell on one angel whose name we do not even know, he is simply known as the legendary “Tractor Angel”

Here are some of the tumblr posts featuring the hero. Enjoy!