According to, BBC and CW have joined to announce the “SuperWhoLock” show coming in November, 2014.

Fans of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock have long united together in the ultimate fandom – SuperWhoLock! Will SuperWhoLock finally become a reality??!

   According to a joint press release issued by the CW and the   BBC, ‘Having heard for years from the fans of our respective shows that they see the possibility of the crossover of our universes, we have decided to make this a reality. The show will be a 10-episode mini-season that will air from roughly November 2014 to March 2015 during which time the three main shows are on hiatus.

The show will be set in an alternate reality. This should not be a stretch for Supernatural fans in particular, as they will be familiar with episodes such as season 6′s ‘French Mistake,’ which involved the Winchester brothers ending up in a world where their lives played out on a television show called Supernatural. (Byrne-Cristiano).

Legend has it, Mark Sheppard, who starred both in Supernatural as King of Hell Crowley, and in Doctor Who as Canton Everett Delaware III, brought together the masterminds of Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock) with Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer (Supernatural).

As all three shows were facing severe budget cuts, Moffat, Carver, and Singer saw the concept of SuperWhoLock as the gem of the franchises.

All this sounds great, right? Especially if you are a SuperWhoLock fan like me. However, there are some bad news… Hypable released their article, which you may find here:

On the 1st of April, April Fools’ Day. . .



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